About Night Hawk

Night Hawk is created because orienteering is social and we want more social events in the world.

Night Hawk builds on traditions and creates a social event for small and large clubs, friends, groups, companies and also the armed forces.

Night Hawk is designed for anyone who like to experience the nature in a social setting.

Something more?

Night Hawk is also a movement anyone can join! As an organizer, participant or a person who loves orienteering. 

Participate in one of our events, become an X-Hawk or simply follow us online. You choose. If you love orienteering we want you to join our family. Country, size, age or gender does not matter.

Imagine experiencing a social and spectacular team event in Norwegian wood, with friend, family and colleagues?

The Night Hawk Relay is an unforgettable experience.

Night Hawk Norway - who organize it? 

Each year one or several Norwegian o-club organize the Night Hawk relay. This is how Night Hawk can be organized in the most exciting terrains in Norway - each year - and become one of the most social and fun events in the world.

Organizing clubs:


E-mail: hello@nighthawk.no

Facebook: fb.com/TheNightHawkRelay

Instagram/Twitter: #nighthawkrelay 

Snapchat: nighthawkrelay

Telephone: +47 480 78 230

Organizing a social event outside in the nature is challenging <3

How is it organized?

Med en hovedkomite bestående av 5 posisjoner: 

  • Hovedkomiteleder
  • Løpsleder 
  • Informasjonsarbeid
  • Salg
  • Reise & overnatting

Night Hawk er organisert med en 3-delt arrangørstruktur: 

  • Nivå 1: Hovedkomitemedlemmene - forbereder sine områder, har økonomi- og bemanningsansvar. 
  • Nivå 2: Stasjonssjefer - må forberede sin stasjon. De fleste 1-2 uker før, men noen krever forberedelser siste 3-12 mnd. Alle stasjoner har et hovedkomitemedlem å forholde seg til.
  • Nivå 3: Arrangører - kan komme på dagen og gjøre en definert oppgave


About the first organizer of Night Hawk (2013-2016):

IL Tyrving

IL Tyrving is one of the premier organizers of sport events. We are honored to be able to cooperate with one of the most experienced organizers in the world (with a track record of events like World Cup, Norwegian Championships, national races and several district championships).

IL Tyrving is one of the largest and most traditional orienteering clubs in Norway. Their home terrain is located just west of Oslo, in Bærum Kommune. Tyrving organize o-activities for small children, 13-16, juniors, seniors and veterans. IL Tyrving is "a complete sports club", and this is how IL Tyrving likes to be known.

IL Tyrving won the gold medal in the Norwegian Championship Relay in 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2013 and 2014. IL Tyrving has a 5th place in Jukola 2013 and 6th place in 10Mila 2015.

The club history:

IL Tyrving was founded in 1922, and today has over 600 members within orienteering and athletics. Below you see the background for the name, Tyrving:

Tyrfing var et magisk sverd ifølge norrøn-mytologi, som var smidd av dverger. Sverdet ble brukt av vikingen Angantyr.

Other clubs? 

Night Hawk is club independent - anyone can organize Night Hawk! These clubs has contributed to Night Hawk: 

  • 2013: Course setter from Asker Skiklubb, Rolf Mauritz Pedersen
  • 2014: Maps and course setter from OSI and Nydalen
  • 2015: Cooperation between IL Tyrving and Asker SK
  • 2016: Cooperation between Lillomarka SK and IL Tyrving
  • 2017: Cooperation between Ringerike OL and IL Tyrving

The Organizing Commitees 2013 - 2014

Organizing Comitee 2016:

  • Leder Hovedkomite     
  • Løpsleder
  • Informasjonsarbeid
  • Salg
  • Reise & Overnatting
  • Løyper
  • Arena
  • Restaurant 
  • Startsjef 

Organizing Comitee 2015:

  • Leder Hovedkomite     Jørgen Holmboe
  • Kart og løyper             Geir Hoff                
  • Løypelegger                Rolf M Pedersen       
  • Markedsføring             Karoline Andersen
  • Teknisk                       Hallvard Berg           
  • Arena                         Magne Aas                   
  • Arenaproduksjon        Asgeir Bakken Rognstad & Christian Holmboe     
  • Trening                       Per Wirhén            
  • Trafikk og parkering     Thor-Ivar Pute Eriksen
  • Salg & servering         Anna Göhlman & Marit Isachsen
  • Seremonier                 Helene Lund-Johansen
  • Forsvaret                    Asle Kvaase
  • Tur-O                          Unn Ellefsen            
  • Sponsor                     Anders Tiltnes
  • Økonomi                    Siri Holmboe

Night Hawk 2014 Holmenkollen

  • Event director: Are Kristiansen
  • Arena: Rune Berge
  • Courses and Controls: Per-Kristian Ekeberg
  • Technical: Alf Pettersen
  • Restaurant: Helene B. Lund-Johansen
  • Course planner: Øivind Due-Trier (OSI)
  • Press and marketing: Anders Tiltnes
  • Photos and media: Christian Grotnes
  • Economy: Siri Holmboe
  • Special Advisor: Jørgen Holmboe

Organizing Comitee Picture#1

Organizing Comitee Picture#2

Night Hawk 2013 Sandvika

  • Event director: Jørgen Holmboe and Lars-Erik Fiskum
  • Arena constructor: Torbjørn Sagberg  
  • Technical scientist: Henning Spjelkavik
  • Head of controls: Jostein Nørbech
  • Course planner: Rolf Mauritz Pedersen
  • Restaurant: Helene Lund-Johansen
  • Press and marketing: Anders Tiltnes
  • Photos and movies: Christian Grotnes

Gunnar Fiskum and Jostein Nørbech preparing TouchFree controls for the first Night Hawk in 2013 - one of the first events in the world to have TouchFree.