Night Flash is the banquet after Night Hawk.

For who? Young adults.

Every year! Saturday evening!  

All info will be given on the Event on Facebook.  Join it!

  • Time: Saturday 18:00 - 03:00
  • Place 2013+2014: In Da Club-House! (showers, kitchen, partyfloor, lounge, terasse)  
  • Entry: Buy ticket on the arena (or by email:  
  • Bring: your own drinks, party-kit and o-stories
  • Wear: your flashiest outfit. Show 'em what you got. Oh, yeah - and a swimming suite

There will be food, awards, speeches, GPS-show, pictures and movies, The Night Flash (fun-run) at 22:00, coffee and cakes (from the race), music, dancing and love in the air!  

The Food:


Bring your own drinks.

Night Flash - the fun-run

Out in the evening there will be a rebusløp ute på Kadettangen!