NIght Hawk The Movie 2013

Day Hawk - won by Asker og Heming


Natthauken 2013: Marte Narum

Natthauken 2013: Ola Martner

Before Night Hawk 2013

Night Hawk - the Movies

During and after the relay we will put out movies from the action in the forest. Find your face!  

Current material: 2 movies from a run-through of 2 actual controls. 10Mila-Jukola-Night Hawk movie. And some promo-movies from spring 2013.   

PS: all movies are out in HD-Quality. You may have to choose this manually in the bottom-right corner of the video-viewer! 

The history and background info about Krokskogen - one of Norway's most talked-about phenomenon in nature in Norwegian literature and poetry.

What is a Night Hawk, and how does it look like and sound?