Night Hawk is Norways largest orienteering relay. Night Hawk uniquely offers both night and daytime Orienteering for everyone from 12 up-to 70 years of age.

Since it’s conception in 2013, there have been a number of changes to enhance the competition.

NEWS 2019

Time differences will be halved after the night legs in all classes

In the Men’s class legs 5 & 6 on Sunday will start at the same time.

A new Night Hawk Grand Masters class for 50+

Individual classes – Saturday and Sunday

Night Hawk Kids Star Night Saturday and Night Hawk Kids Fairytale Sunday

Night Flash Youth – party at the arena

Magical Nighthawk

In recent years Night Hawk has attracted 1.200 participants, however our long term goal is to become Norway’s largest orienteering event with 3.000+ participants. To realise our goal we have introduced a relay for all ages, a race for kids 5 to 11 years old and also individual classes. The relay will always be our main focus, but we also want to make orienteering accessible for those who don’t run in a team and those who don’t want to orienteer at night.