School and tent at arena

Accommodation will be offered at local school with breakfast from Saturday to Sunday. Please bring your own mattress and sleeping bag.

The school is located 3 km from arena in tjernveien 12.

Tent area: Accommodation at the arena with your own tent – with included breakfast.

Booking in Eventor. You can order accommodation in Eventor to the 9th of August for arena price.

If you bring your own tent and you are 3 people in the tent you book tent product 3 times.

You can order tent in Eventor, but its not possible to pay for this at the moment.

All questions concerning school and tent accommodation should be directed to:


Night Hawk has a hotel deal with Thon Linne Hotel.

Prices per night:

Single room: 845,-,

Double room: 1045,-,

Trippelroom: 1245,-.

4 bed room: 1445,-.

Booking: or call 004723 17 00 00.

Booking code: NightHawk

We recommend booking the hotel before 10th of July because the NightHawk exclusive reservations will become available to non-Orienteers after this date.

All questions concerning hotel accommodation are to be answered by the hotel