Some exciting news for 2019

The feedback from previous years of Night Hawk shows that the second day of racing needs to be more thrilling. This year we have decided to cut the distances between the teams in half after the night legs. This will result in closer battles when the relay continues Sunday with the chasing start.

We have also added some other exciting news that we hope will be a success story:

  • Time differences cut to half between the teams after the night legs in all classes
  • Chasing start Sunday in the Men’s main class with leg 5 and 6 start at the same time (25-manna style)
  • Night Hawk Grand Masters new class for M50+ (1 night leg + 2 day legs)
  • Individual classes – Saturday and Sunday
  • Night Hawk Kids Star Night Saturday and Night Hawk Kids Fairytale Sunday  – mass start with surprises for all Kids between 5-11 years
  • Night Flash Youth – party at the arena for youth from 12-16 years