Welcome to Night Hawk 2019

The coolest orienteering relay in Norway continues this summer in the weekend 10 – 11th August in Lillomarka, Oslo.

This years arena for Night Hawk was newly opened in 2018 and has all the facilities needed for a great weekend of fun and orienteering. The terrain right in the doorstep of Lillomarka is one of the best in the Oslo region. It has a nice mixture of challenging wilderness and more paths and significant features closer to the arena.

Two of the finest fresh water lakes in Oslo are situated only 100 meters from the arena, and a refreshing dip or two will be highly recommended during the weekend.

We are also happy to announce that the Swedish super speaker Per Forsberg will be our main speaker.

Both Saturday and Sunday the start, change-over and finish will be at the arena. We will have a good variety of food, drinks and snacks during the weekend. Also dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday will be served at the arena.

We wish you warmly welcome to a spectacular and social Night Hawk weekend 2019.