Night Hawk 2022

Welcome to Ringkollen! This year’s Night Hawk is brought to you by Ringerike O-lag, Fossekallen IL and Natthauken IL.

We would like to extend a special welcome to the 48 runners from Ukraine who have been given the opportunity to spend a couple weeks in Norway this summer, thanks to contributions by Sundvolden Hotel, Spar Sundvollen, Sparebankstiftelsen Ringerike, Rotary Hønefoss og Ringerike, and Viken county.


Saturday August 20th

13:00: Team lineup submission deadline in Eventor
17:00-22:00: Ringkollstua is open
18:00: Assembly, event office and food service open
19:00-21:30: Handout of team envelopes and EmiTags
19:30: Kids Starry Night (Stjernenatt) check-in opens
20:00: Kids Starry Night (Stjernenatt) mass start
21:00: Relay check-in opens
21:30: Relay mass start, Girls and Boys legs 1-2
21:45: Relay mass start, Women legs 1-3, Masters Women leg 1, Open legs 1-2
22:15: Relay mass start, Men legs 1-4, Masters Men leg 1
00:30: Finish closes

Sunday August 21st

08:00 – 10:00: Breakfast available (must be ordered in advance)
09:00: Assembly, event office and food service open
09:00-11:30: Handout of EmiTags
10:00: Relay check-in opens
10:00-14:00: Crèche available
10:30: Relay chase start Men
10:45: Relay chase start Women
11:00: Relay chase start Masters Men
11:00: Kids Fairytale (Eventyr) mass start
11:00-13:00: “Småtroll” (1km marked course for children) available
11:00-13:00: Free start individual courses
11:15: Relay chase start Masters Women
11:30: Relay chase start Boys
11:45: Relay chase start Girls
12:00: Relay chase start Open
12:00: Ringkollstua opens
13:00: Relay mass start for remaining runners
14:00: Prize giving ceremony
15:00: Finish closes

The venue

Ringkollen in Ringerike.

Directions and parking

By public transport

Your best option for public transport to the event is to hop on a bus or train to Hønefoss station, then Brakar´s bus 223 to Horne. From there, the venue is about a 6 km (3.7 mi) walk away.

Entur is a decent travel planner where you can also buy tickets.

By car

Marked from county road 241 near Klækken hotel.

There is a toll fee of NOK 45 which you must pay at YouPark within 48 hours to avoid a fine.

Parking is about 200m from the assembly.

Map of the venue



Showers and WC

Portable toilets at the assembly area. There are no showers available, however you can go for a swim in lake Øyangen about 2km away.

Food and drink

At the sales tent you can buy waffles, cake, soft drinks, coffee, tea and more.

Just southwest of the assembly lies Ringkollstua, where hot meals are among the offers.  Refer to the program for Ringkollstua’s opening hours.

If you would like a packed breakfast on Sunday morning you must order one in advance through Eventor.


At the venue

We offer very basic accommodation at Ringkollkapellet, or a spot for your tent or camper van if you have one. You will need to bring your own mattress and sleeping bag, of course. Both options are available as services in Eventor.


Klækken Hotell has special offers for Night Hawks. Use campaign code nighthawk2022 when booking to get the following prices:

  • Single room: NOK 1,095
  • Double room: NOK 1,750
  • Family room (2 adults, 2 children): NOK 2,350
  • Family room (2 adults, 1 child): NOK 2,050


4allsport sells orienteering gear and clothing at the assembly area, including Night Hawk branded clothes.

The terrain


The terrain is mainly hilly with some larger marshlands. Spruce forests characterize the slopes, while there is a large degree of semi-open pine forest in the marshlands and on the hills. Some trails and ski trails cut through the terrain, and near the arena there is a network of light trails and built-up ski trails. The terrain has good runnability.


The terrain is less hilly and more detailed than Saturday. The vegetation consists mainly of spruce and pine and some birch forest in some hills. Near the arena there is a network of light trails and built-up ski trails. You will also find some trails and ski trails in the running area. The terrain has good runnability.

The map

“Ringkollen”, partially updated in 2022. Scale 1:7,500/1:10,000.



Class Legs
Age group
12-16 1:10,000
12-16 1:10,000
Any age 1:10,000
17+ 1:10,000
Masters Women
35+ (135+ in total) 1:7,500
Masters Men 1+2
35+ (135+ in total) 1:7,500
Men 4+4
17+ 1:10,000

Start times

Class Saturday Sunday Mass start
Boys 21:30 11:30 13:00
21:30 11:45 13:00
Open 21:45 12:00 13:00
Women 21:45 10:45 13:00
Masters Women 21:45 11:15 13:00
Masters Men 22:15 11:00 13:00
Men 22:15 10:30 13:00
  • The time difference to the leading team will be halved before calculating the chase start time.

Changeover times

Leg Km Estimated time
1 6 42 min 22:15 A
2 6 42 min 22:15 A
3 7 49 min 22:15 A
4 9 56 min 22:15 A
5 6 42 min 10:30 A
6 6 42 min 11:10 A
7 5 35 min 11:50 A
8 8 56 min 12:25 A
Finish   13:20
Leg Km Estimated time Start/
1 4.5 36 min 21:45 A
2 4.5 36 min 21:45 A
3 6.0 48 min 21:45 A
4 5.0 40 min 10:45 A
5 4.5 36 min 11:25 A
6 6.0 48 min 12:05 A
Finish   12:55
Leg Km Estimated time
1 3.5 25 min 21:30 C, no forking
2 3.5 25 min 21:30 C, no forking
3 3.5 30  min 11:30 B
4 3.5 30 min 12:00 B
Finish   12:25
Leg Km Estimated time
1 3.5 30 min 21:30 C, no forking
2 3.5 30 min 21:30 C, no forking
3 3.5 30 min 11:45 B
4 3.5 30 min 12:15 B
Finish   12:45
Masters Men
Leg Km Estimated time
1 4.5 36 min 22:15 A
2 4.7 38 min 11:00 A
3 5.8 46 min 11:35 A
Finish 12:20
Masters Women
Leg Km Estimated time
1 4 40 min 21:45 A
2 3.5 35 min 11:15 A
3 5 50 min 11:50 A
Finish 12:40
Leg Km Estimated time
1 3.5 35 min 21:45 C, no forking
2 3.5 35 min 21:45 C, no forking
3 3.5 35 min 12:00 B
4 3.5 35 min 12:35 B
Finish 13:15


Class Level Km Estimated time
Åpen A lang A ca. 6 48 min 1:10,000
Åpen  A kort A ca. 3 25 min 1:10,000
Åpen C C ca. 3 25 min 1:10,000
Åpen N N ca. 2 25 min 1:10,000


Night Hawk Kids is our event for kids 5 to 12 years. It consists of two mass start races, with activities such as the spider’s web, a quiz, and more! Parents may accompany their children.

Kids Starry Night Saturday, Beginner level

  • Mass start at 20:00
  • 2.0 km course
  • Everyone will receive a medal
  • Bring a head torch, as the forest will be quite dark!
  • Parents are allowed to accompany their children

Kids Fairytale Sunday, Beginner level

  • Mass start at 11:00
  • 2.2 km course
  • Everyone will receive a medal
  • Parents are allowed to accompany their children

“Småtroll” (1km marked course for children)

For the youngest children, there is a 1km marked course available for the price of NOK 30 just south of the assembly. Children are typiclly accompanied by an adult on such courses.

Before running

Bib numbers

Runners in Relay and Kids must wear bib numbers, which are available at the event office at the assembly.

Relay check-in

About a half-hour before the first Relay chase start the check-in area opens. Here you must check that your EmiTag has been paired with your bib number. If there is a problem with the pairing you will be referred to the timing booth, where a manual pairing will be performed. Return to the check-in area after the pairing.

Starting procedure


The starting area for the mass start is at the assembly. Make sure to be at the starting area for check-in 30 minutes before the mass start.

Mass start Saturday

There is a 5 minute walk from the assembly to the start area. Make sure to show up at least 5 minutes before your starting time. Maps are picked up when the start is signalled.

Chase start Sunday

All Relay classes use a chase start system on Sunday. Runners should check-in and proceed to the start area 10 minutes before their chase start time. Start times will be posted at the assembly and on Eventor Sunday morning.

Individual courses Sunday

Individual runners may choose when to start within the starting window in the schedule. The starting area is just south of the assembly. Maps and rented EmiTags are handed out at the starting area.

During the race

Runners in the Boys and Girls Relay classes are allowed to run in groups on Saturday.


As an incoming runner you will pass the finish line, punch the finish control, drop your map, then follow the markings to where you will pick up the map for the next leg. Grab the correct map and hand it to your teammate, who will follow the markings to the start control.


After you have  finished the last leg, it is important to immediately follow the markings back to the finish, where your EmiTag timings will be registered. Runners must pass the finish line and punch the finish control in order to have their leg approved. Do not stop in the finish area.


Night Hawk uses the EmiTag timing system. If you do not own an EmiTag device, you can rent one. Make sure to add the device to the order when entering!

EmiTags with serial numbers lower than 3929600 are considered expired and should not be used.


Before you can run, you must “zero” the EmiTag by holding it near a special starting unit, conveniently marked “Start”.

The controls

Punching is performed by holding the EmiTag less than 50 cm above the control device for a moment. An LED light in the EmiTag will flash for five seconds to confirm that the punch was registered. The EmiTag should not touch the control device.

Still unsure? Visit for more information.