Night Hawk 2021
@Fossum Idrettspark – Oslo
14–15 of august

The relay for everyone!
Club tour to Night Hawk in Oslo

NEWS 2021

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Night Hawk Relay

Night Hawk Kids

Individual races

Public transportation

Car and parking

NOK 60 pr day/ NOK 100 Sat&Sun
Tickets can be bought in VippsGo #10711, cash or with card in Infotent
Everyone must buy a ticket at the entrance


Fossum Idrettspark, Oslo


Saturday 14th of August

13.00: Arena, event office open and restaurant opens
14.00 – 16.00: Free start individual classes
19.00 – 22.00: Handout EmiTag and GPS
20.00: Night Hawk Kids Star Night, mass start
21.30 – 22.00: Free start individual Open Night
21.30: Start Girls & Boys leg 1-2
21.45: Start Open , leg 1-2
21.55: Start Women og Masters Women, leg 1-3
22.20: Start Men, Masters Men and Grand Masters Men, leg 1-4
22.30-00.30: Night Flash Youth – party at the arena
23.45: Prizegiving ceremony winner night legs
01.00: Finish line closes

Sunday 15th of August

08.00 – 10.00: Breakfast at the arena and school
09.00: Arena, event office open and restaurant opens
09.00 – 11.30: Handout EmiTag and GPS
10.00: Night Hawk Kids Fairytale, mass start
10.10: Chase start Boys
10.20:  Chase start Girls
10.30: Chase start Open
10.40: Chase start Women
10.50: Chase start Masters Women & Grand Masters Men
11.00: Chase start Masters Men
11.10: Chase start Men 5-6 leg
11.00-13.00: Free start individual classes
11.30: Mass start Boys and Girls
12.30: Prizegiving ceremony Boys og Girls
13.30: Mass start Open, Women, Masters Women og Grand Masters Men
14.00: Mass start Men og Masters Men
14.15: Prizegiving ceremony Open, Women, Masters Women, Grand Masters Men, Masters Men and Men
16.00: Finish line closes





Special map/terrain info


Terrain embargo

Emitag and Emit touchfree
Runners can use their own EmiTag or rent EmiTag from the organizers. Handout of EmiTag is done in the EmiTag tent at start. You can only use your EmiTag one time in the relay Sunday.

EmiTag has to be delivered after finish Saturday
EmiTag handout again on Sunday morning

Important! Many controls close to each other – check code!
Important2! Its other controls in the terrain, but they are not touch free controls

Training start from Linderud parking: here
Send an e-mail to to get your map


Touch Free controls

News 1: Time differences cut to half between the teams after the night legs in all classes

News 2: Chasing start Sunday in the Men’s class with leg 5 and 6 start at the same time. Leg 5 and 6 differ in lenght. Leg 7 has to wait for both 5 and 6th leg before start. It will be a blank map which has to be given to 7th leg runner by first runner arriving finish (just like 25.manna).

Startlists, results, GPS-tracking and pictures will be given at Results.
Results and GPS tracking will alos be shown at screens at arena and at boards.

Entry at arena
Its possible to register in the Infotent at arena for the classes  Girls, Boys, Open, Kids and Individual races. EmiTag you will get in the EmiTag tent.

Team bags
Team bags can be collected in the Infotent saturday between 18.00-21.30. The team bags contains start numberfor both night and day legs, startlist and PM. All runners has to wear a start number.

Deadline team line-up
Team line-up has to be delivered before 13.00 Saturday in Eventor. Its not necessary to insert EmiTag number in Eventor.

Runners bank
Go here

Sports nutrition
Its sports nutrition in the forest and at arena. We have water and sports nutrition from Fuel of Norway

Shower at the school accommodation for those who are staying there.

Prizegiving ceremony
Winners of night legs Women and Men will be given a prize 23.45.

Prizegiving ceremony for Boys and Girls 12.30
Prizegiving ceremony for other classes 14.15

Restaurant and kiosk
Have your dinner at the arena! We serve delicious Steak stroganoff and hamburger in the restaurant. We will also sell vaffles, cakes, fruit, smoothie, coffe and soda. Sunday morning you can buy breakfast at the arena between 08.00 and 10.00. Order your breakfast at arena in Eventor or buy it at arena. Breakfast at school accommodation, will be served at Apalløkka school 08.00 and 10.00. At the school accommodation it will be an kiosk with soda, baguettes and snacks on Saturday. You can pay with card, cash (NOK) or Vipps 10711.


  • Kiosk and restaurant
  • Runes O-shop
  • Night Hawk clothes

All entries are to be made in eventor. Foreign runners and clubs should also make their entries in eventor.

For more information go to Entry