Night Hawk 2023 (English)

19.–20. August 2023, Night Hawk will be held in Fetmarka on Romerike. Fet Orienteringslag and Natthauken IL are the organizers and the arena will be from NAF’s car training ground in Gansdalen.

The competition area is centrally located in Viken county, with short travel distances: Only 40 minutes from central Oslo, 45 minutes from Gardermoen Airport, 1.5 hours from Halden or 2.5 hours from Karlstad in Sweden.

Relay classes with number of stages (night+day) at Night Hawk 2023:

  • Men 4+4
  • Women 3+3
  • Boys 2+2  (H12-16, C/B nivå)
  • Girls 2+2 (D12-16, C/B nivå)
  • Masters Men 2+2
  • Masters Women 1+2
  • Open 2+2

There will also be Kids Starry Night on Saturday and Kids Adventure on Sunday as a mass start for 5–11-year-olds.


Saturday August 19th

13:00: Team line-up submission deadline in Eventor
18:00: Assembly, event office and food service open
19:00-21:30: Handout of team envelopes and Emit EKT
19:30: Kids Starry Night (Stjernenatt) check-in opens
20:00: Kids Starry Night (Stjernenatt) mass start
21:00: Relay check-in opens
21:30: Relay mass start, Girls and Boys legs 1-2
21:45: Relay mass start, Women legs 1-3, Masters Women leg 1, Open legs 1-2
22:15: Relay mass start, Men legs 1-4, Masters Men leg 1-2
00:30: Finish closes

Sunday August 20th

08:00 – 10:00: Breakfast available (must be ordered in advance)
08.00: Breakfast delivery at Dalen School
09:00: Assembly, event office and food service open
09:00-11:30: Handout of Emit EKT
10:00: Relay check-in opens
10:00-14:00: Crèche available
10:30: Relay chase start Men
10:45: Relay chase start Women
11:00: Relay chase start Masters Men
11:00: Kids Fairytale (Eventyr) mass start
11:00-13:00: Free start individual courses
11:00-13:00: “Småtroll” (1km marked course for children) available
11:15: Relay chase start Masters Women
11:30: Relay chase start Boys
11:45: Relay chase start Girls
12:00: Relay chase start Open
13:00: Relay mass start for remaining runners
14:00: Prize giving ceremony
15:00: Finish closes


The Arena is NAF’s (The Norwegian Automobil Association) car training ground in Gansdalen, Lillestrøm municipality.

Directions and parking

By public transport

It is possible to use public transport all the way to the Arena. There are good train connections from Oslo city centre or Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Lillestrøm train station. From Lillestrøm take bus route 480 to the stop  Stensrud, and it is about 500 meters to walk to the Arena.

For timetables check Ruter:

Car and parking

It is marked from Rv 22 at junction RV22/FV170 

From here it is approximately 8 km to the Arena. It is further marked at each intersection. At the RV22/FV169 roundabout, follow FV169 for 2 km until Arena.

There is parking inside the Arena.

Cycle or walk from Dalen School

Follow the marking with red/white ribbons from Dalen School to the Arena. It is approximately 3 km to walk/cycle from the school to the Arena.


At the venue

Accommodation in a tent is offered at the Arena with access to toilets and the possibility to buy a breakfast package for Sunday morning.  You will need to bring your own tent, mattress and sleeping bag. Tent and breakfast package are available as services in Eventor.

At a school

Accommodation is offered at Dalen school, which is 2.5 km from the Night Hawk Arena (cycling distance 9 minutes).  At Dalen school there is then access to toilets and showers.

Included in the school accommodation is a breakfast package for Sunday morning. You will need to bring your own mattress and sleeping bag. School accommodation including a breakfast package is ordered as an additional service in Eventor.


Thon Hotel Arena offers rooms at special prices for Night Hawk guests. Thon Hotel Arena, Lillestrøm is around 15 minutes driving from the Night Hawk Arena.

The Terrain

The terrain has not been used in competitions since 2017, so for the vast majority this will be a completely new terrain. The terrain is mostly easy-running, slightly hilly and path-filled terrain for the shortest trails, while the longer trails go through more hilly terrain with elements of some logging. The terrain offers both fine ridges and pine bogs, but also spruce forest with some dense and/or wet depressions. The terrain has generally good runnability.

A new map is under construction, prepared for Night Hawk, and will be completed in the spring of 2023. You can find an old map of the competition area below.

Night Hawk asks that runners do not use the competition area for training. Map of restricted race area will come. Fet Orientingslag can offer open trainings in the neighboring terrain and the trails will come later.

Gammelt kart over løpsterrenget


Class Legs
Leg lengths Map scale
Men 4+4 6-6-7-9 / 6-6-5-8 km 1:10000
Women 3+3 4.5-4.5-6 / 4.5-5-6 km 1:10000
Boys 2+2 3.5-3.5 / 3.5-3.5 km 1:10000
Girls 2+2 3.5-3.5 / 3.5-3.5 km 1:10000
Masters Men 2+2 4.5-4.5 / 4.5-6 km 1:7500
Masters Women 1+2 4 / 3.5-5 km 1:7500
Open 2+2 3.5-3.5 / 3.5-3.5 km 1:10000
Kids Starry Night 1 2.5 km 1:10000
Kids Adventure 1 2.5 km 1:10000