Race Info

Please note: The information on this page is subject to change.

On this page you will find the information you need ahead of and during Night Hawk 2021. Details on entry and results may be found on dedicated pages via the menu on the top of the page.

New in 2021

Follow this section, the front page or our accounts on social media to find out what changes we make to Night Hawk in 2021. Apart from the time and place, of course.


Refer to this section for an overview of the timing of each race and other important times.

Saturday August 21st

Sunday August 22nd

The arena

In 2021, Night Hawk takes flight at Fossum arena, just outside northwestern Oslo.

Getting there

By public transport

Take the Oslo metro’s line 2 to Eiksmarka station. From there, hop on bus 230 to Fossumbanen bus stop.

For updated timetables, prices and live travel information, go to ruter.no.

By car

There is a paid parking lot available for those of you who travel by car. The price is NOK 60 per day or NOK 100 for both days.

We accept both card and cash. Should you have access to Vipps, you may pay the fee to number 10711 (Natthauken IL). Show the payment confirmation to the parking attendant to receive a ticket to place on the dashboard.

Map of the arena

Stay tuned for a map of the arena, coming summer 2021!

Showers and WC


Food and drink

In the restaurant we serve a delicious Beef Stroganoff and hamburger. In addition, we sell homemade cakes, waffles, fruit, smoothies, coffee and soft drinks.


Should you be in want of a new pair of orienteering shoes, Runes O-utstyr has your back! In their shop, you will find a range of orienteering clothes and equipment.

The Night Hawk shop is also available, the only place you will find Night Hawk branded clothes.


If you find the price of an Oslo hotel room to be a bit on the pricey side, fear not! You can buy a spot at Eiksmarka school 3 km from the arena. You will need to bring a camping mattress or mat of some sort and a sleeping bag. Breakfast is included.

Should you prefer the outdoors, you can rent a spot for your tent at the arena. Breakfast is included in the price.

Accommodation is a service you must add when entering the race. Refer to the entry page for details.

Runners bank

All by yourself with no one to run the relay with? The Runner’s bank matches teamless runners with teams looking for someone to join them! Check back when Night Hawk approaches for a link.

The terrain

Details on the terrain, the map, etc. will be added here in 2021.


The heart of Night Hawk is the night orienteering relay, but we have something for pretty much everyone.


The Relay is the centrepiece of Night Hawk. Check back in 2021 for details on the classes, number of legs etc.


For those who would like to run a few extra kilometres on their own, we have a selection of individual courses on both days. Details to come!


For children age 5 to 11 we offer two special events on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Being able to understand Norwegian may be a prerequisite. Check back for more details on this and the events themselves once 2021 rolls around.


Night Hawk uses the EmiTag timing system. If you do not own an EmiTag device, you can rent one. Make sure to add the device to the order when entering! You can buy your own device at Runes O-utstyr at the arena.


Before you can run, you must “zero” the EmiTag by holding it near a special starting unit, which conveniently marked “Start”. At the Relay, this is done before entering the starting or handover zones.

The controls

Punching is performed by holding the EmiTag less than 50 cm above the control device for a moment. An LED light in the EmiTag will flash for five seconds to confirm that the punch was registered. The EmiTag should not touch the control device.

Still unsure? Visit emit.tips for more information.

Before you can start

Bib numbers

All competitors must wear their competition number/bib number. These can be picked up in the Info tent at the arena. Relay teams will find all their numbers in the team envelope. Solo runners must pick up the numbers themselves.


Before you can start you must pick up and/or register your EmiTag at the Check-in tent. Make sure the barcode next to your bib number is clearly visible and not damaged before heading to the check-in.


Some teams will be tracked by GPS. The tracking equipment is handed out at check-in. Remember to check if your team has been assigned a GPS!

On Saturday, the presumed best teams in the Relay will be tracked by GPS. A list of these teams will be posted ahead of time.

On Sunday, the Relay teams that are in the lead will be tracked.

Runners in the Relay on Sunday that have yet to start may not watch the live GPS feed.


Saturday mass start

All relay classes start at the arena. 15 minutes before the mass start, the runners may enter the starting zone. The map is handed out three minutes before the start is signalled.

The image below shows the position of each class in relation to each other. The runners on the left are in front. Each box is ten runners wide. Lower bib numbers are placed in front.


Pursuit start for all classes except Solo. Runners must be in the starting zone no later than 15 minutes before their starting time.

Finish and download


GPS tracking and live results

Links to live GPS tracking and results may be found on the results page. These will also be shown on displays at the arena and be posted regularly.


Refreshments are provided as part of some courses and after finish. Both water and Fuel of Norway sports drinks are available.

After the race



Prizes for the winners of the night leg in the Relay Men and Relay Women are handed out at a ceremony at 23:45.

All Kids runners are given a prize at finish.



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