Night Hawk Relay:

Night Hawk Relay





Night Hawk Kids Star Night

Night Hawk Kids Fairytale


From Monday 05.08 to Friday 09.08 you can enter for the classes Boys, Girls, Open, Masters, Kids and Individual races in Eventor.

NightFlash Youth incl pizza and lemonade. 100 kr, 150 kr at arena.


Its not possible to pay for services like EmiTag, accommodation and Night Flash for those who register for the Night Hawk Relay.

For those who have registered for these services in Eventor, they have to make a payment in the infotent at arena.

Payment in Eventor with VISA or invoice after competition, invoice fee 130 nok.

At every deadline your entry is locked. Changes in your entry is possible for a fee of 200 nok.

The EmiTag rental is a fixed fee of 70 kr for as many legs/races you want to run.

How to order in Eventor

In Eventor you have to register for Night Hawk Relay, Kids and Individual separately.

To register for services you go to the yellow box and add services. All services is per person