NIGHT HAWK Kids is our event for kids 5 to 12 years.

Saturday and Sunday its a mass start with suprises for the kids. Prizes for all participants both days. Parents may follow their children

Night Hawk Kids Star Night Saturday

  • Start approx 20.30 (may change)
  • Mass start 2-3 km
  • The kids will start at dusk and will go into the NightHawk forests darkness
  • In the forest there will be suprises

Night Hawk Kids Fairytale Sunday

  • Start approx 11.00 (may change)
  • Mass start 2-3 km
  • The kids will run in our Fairytale forest full of interesting controls
  • For those who want a special experince we recommend to bring extra clothes and a towel

More news about our Night Hawk Kids concept will be given later by our o-runner and artist Silje

You can read more about her latest orienteering artist project below