Congratulations to the winners of Night Hawk 2014: NTNUI and Järla Orientering!

Emma Johanson (NTNUI) and Rasmus Thrane Hansen (Järla Orientering) sprinted their teams to victory in Night Hawk 2014. Read the whole report here.

Night Hawk on NRK Kveldsnytt (National TV)

Welcome back for a new experience 14th - 16th August 2015.

NTNUI wins Night Hawk 2014

Järla Orientering wins Night Hawk 2014

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11 nations entered, incl. POL, ITA, AUT, RUS, CZE, LIT, DEN, SUI, FIN, and SWE. Welcome!

50% discount to all non-nordic teams!

FREE start in Night Hawk 2015 to first team to enter from each country! Teams from LIT, RUS, SUI, ITA are already entered.
— Are Kristiansen (event director)
Det er konkurranser som dette som gjør at jeg elsker å løpe orientering.
— Ivar Lundanes (Södertälje-Nykvarn Orientering and Winner of Night Hawk 2013)
Everyone should experience orienteering in Norway like this, with top terrain, maps and courses

This is the Night Hawk logo 2014. The PDF is free to use. It is not allowed to modify the logo.

This is the Night Hawk logo 2014. The PDF is free to use. It is not allowed to modify the logo.

Night Hawk in Norway is a true orienteering experience. The history goes back to the 60's, and it was one of the biggest relays in the 70's, together with 10Mila and Jukola.

Everyone in Norway participated, and only the toughest Swedes has finished it. Back then the Finns only heard the rumors of it. 

In August 2013 the relay returned; reimagined. SNO and Halden won it, making them the first legends of a new era.  

8th - 9th August 2014 Night Hawk will be run by Women and Men, both young and old. Women run 3 night and 3 day legs. Men run 4 night and 4 day legs.

All the night legs starts on Friday 8th August 22:00, in one huge mass-start. The day legs are run as a normal relay with start on 9th August 12:00, based on the results from the night legs. Women can have 3 to 6 runners and men can have 4 to 8 runners on each team (because it is allowed to run both night and day).

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Not had the chance to enjoy orienteering in Norway? Night Hawk is the solution. A really fun, and challenging solution!