Why Night Hawk?

Night Hawk was created because the orienteering world deserves a new exceptional orienteering experience in Norway. There are already several to choose from, but not a social club relay.

Norway is challenging, warm, fun - and definitely worth it!

It's a myth that Norway is expensive, difficult, cold and steep. Night Hawk kills these myths.

We love orienteering and we love orienteerers. We want to show you how social and prestigious orienteering in Norway can be.

That's why we created Night Hawk.


It is not prestigious just because Gustav Bergman or Emma Klingenberg race it.
It is not social just because we are on all the social media.
It is not for free, even though it's free accommodation on the arena.
It is not awesome simply because we have the most awesome hawks in the forest.
Night Hawk is much more. For kids, youth, veterans and elite.
...including the Flash!

Orienteering Summer 2015