New locations, fresh ideas, new experiences!

Night Hawk is an annual event, and so much more. Imagine being part of a movement to build the most fun, social and prestigious orienteering event in Norway? In the World?

Making dreams come true is challenging. And it is also fun! It creates energy for contributors. And it is something to be proud of. Putting down effort toward a shared goal together with friends is the rewarding part. Being a part of Night Hawk is just the icing on the cake. 

  • Do you have a great terrain?
  • A cool and social arena?
  • An forest and town you want the whole orienteering world to see? 

Not from Norway? You can still apply

Make contact with a X-hawk and tell us about your dream! 

Night Hawk builds upon the history of the legendary Krokskogstafetten, last organized through Krokskogen in 1994.

Almost like a phoenix Night Hawk emerged 18 years later...

  • 2012: Krokskogen, organized as a 30km relay with 3 legs from KLEIVSTUA in the north to TANUM in the south.
  • 2013: Sandvika, organized by IL Tyrving. Arena: Nedre-Gupu
  • 2014: Holmenkollen, organized by IL Tyrving. Arena: Øvresetertjern
  • 2015: Asker, organized by Asker SK and IL Tyrving. Arena: Dikermark
  • 2016: Lillomarka, organized by Lillomarka OL and IL Tyrving. Arena: Linderudkollen
  • 2017: Apply to organize
  • 2018: Apply to organize