On this page you will find the special rules for Night Hawk.

Our goal is to create a social and prestigious relay. We want it to be super-simple to participate.

Even though we have some special rules, we think they add to the magical orienteering you will experience in Night Hawk. If you have feedback for us it is most appreciated!

Night Hawk is orienteering at it´s purest. At the same time we have added some magic for you.

The gigantic mass-start on Friday night

There are 3 night legs for Women and 4 night legs for Men. The creators of Night Hawk has run first leg at 10Mila and Jukola which is an absolutely exceptional experience. At Night Hawk everyone will get this unique experience!

All night legs start together in a gigantic mass start! If there are 100 Mens team entered there will be 400 runners on the start line(s). That will make Night Hawk bigger than 10Mila!

  • Start all Women: 22:20
  • Start all Men: 22:30 

Where is the night start?

Not on the arena! It is a 2-3km jog to the start area. Why? So we can serve you the best terrain!

  • 21:50: A guide will bring the whole starting field to the start. It's a social experience, running through the wood to an unknown start place in the forest.


Punching - Emit Touch-Free (w/EmiTag)

All classes and all legs will use Emit Touch-Free. You will use a EmiTag (wristband) on your hand. When you are within 30cm of the control the light on the EmiTag will flash for 10seconds. When it flashes you can continue to the next control.  If it does not flash you have to use backup-punching (in the same way you would with SportIdent). 

Info from Emit 1  /  Info from Emit 2


Runners can run more than one leg!

In Night Hawk every runner can run 2 legs for her/his team! Double fun :)

A runner can run the night leg on Friday evening, and also the day leg for the same team on Saturday. It is not allowed to run a leg on another team in the same class.

If a runner has citizenship or is in another way connected to a club outside of a Nordic country, this runner can also run a leg for this European club.