Accommodation 2016

Official accommodation is at Thon Hotel Linne at Linderud. Prices from 299NOK/night incl. breakfast.

Thon Hotel Linn is also the location of the club dinner Saturday evening. Sleep at the venue.

  • Great prices in top hotel: Thon Hotel Oslofjord. From 299NOK/person/night
  • FREE in tents at the arena
The cost of accommodation should not be a hindrance to experience orienteering in Norway.
— The organizer
Questions? Need help? If you have questions searching for accommodation options around Oslo: send us an e-mail and we will try to help the best we can!
— The Chief of Accomodations

Official accommodation:

Thon Hotel Linne (located at Linderud)

Location: In Linderud, 10km from the arena (4 kilometers to walk)

Booking to:

Use discpunt booking code: NightHawk


  • In triple room: 299 NOK per person per night, incl. breakfast
  • In double room: 348 NOK per person per night
  • In single room: 695 NOK per person per night

Website: Thon Hotel Linne

Notice: this will also be the location of the Banquet Saturday evening: The Night Flash

Accommodation at the arena

We have a beautiful arena where there is possibilities for camping in tents. Its free and you bring tent a sleeping bag and some food. There will also be served food at the arena for breakfast. 

Use the form underneath to book a spot on the arena camping.

Due to limited parking spots and local law its not permitted to camp with caravan or motor home at the arena. But we'll recommend that you book a stay at Ekeberg camping or Bogstad camping.

Name *
Organized accommodation on hard floor in Solberg Skole, 1,5km from the arena. Facilities: showers, toilets, kitchen, hard floor accommodation. Questions? Contact, 004797751338.
We will provide buss transport to/from Asker Station. 50nok/person.

Other Options

DNT Turisthytter

The famous DNT Nature Cabins are spread all over the Norwegian countryside. In the forests around Oslo and Sandvika there are many options!  

If you love nature, take this advice: use their webpage to explore some options. It can be one of the best experiences you've ever had!  


Accommodation at arena