Enten du vil det eller ikke så blir du en ambasadør - Night Hawk er verdt å prate om. Night Hawk er i Norge det 10Mila og Jukola er i nabolandene våre.  

Thierry is the man above all men in orienteering!  

Have you tried The LMT?  

Special Events and Awards:  

10Mila 2013:  

At 10Mila we awarded a special prize for everyone finished first on their leg (4 youth, 5 women and 10 men). The prize was a special-designed (from Red Bull) Night Hawk Cap (Produced by Trimtex)

The runners who finished first on their leg 10Mila 2013 was:  


  1. Vegard Brun Saga  NTNUI 1
  2. Hans Petter Mathisen NTNUI 1 
  3. Lauri Sild Hiidenkiertäjät 1 
  4. Oleksandr Kratov OK Orion 1 
  5. Mattias Karlsson Halden SK 1 
  6. Emil Wingstedt Halden SK 1 
  7. Mats Haldin Halden SK 1 
  8. Marcus Millegård Halden SK 1 
  9. Thierry Gueorgiou Kalevan Rasti 1 


Lena Eliasson & Domnarvets GOIF 1: Winners of 10Mila 2013.


  1. Vendula Haldin Halden SK 1
  2. Anni-Maija Fincke Tampereen Pyrintö 1 
  3. Annica Gustafsson IFK Lidingö SOK 1 
  4. Emma Johansson Domnarvets GOIF 1 
  5. Lena Eliasson Domnarvets GOIF 1 


  1. Simon Imark Tullinge SK 1
  2. Essi Rantanen MS Parma 1 
  3. Ingrid Lundanes Emblem IL 1 
  4. Topi Syrjäläinen Helsingin Suunnistajat 1 
Congratulations !!  PS: Scroll down for picture gallerie of the winners!!

Jukola 2013:  

At Jukola we awarded free start pass to the top teams. Every team finishing top 25 got a special invitation and a free start to Night Hawk 2013.  

 O-Festivalen 2013:

At O-festivalen we gave tome credd to all the juniors. The prize was a day pass to norways no.1 rock and culture festival: Øyafestivalen (7.-10. August 2013). It was awarded the winners of the junior classes and also to two lucky loosers (the 2 that with just seconds didn't qualify for JWOC).

The winners was:

  • Anine
  • Mathilde
  • Frida
  • Emil
  • Sjur
  • Jon