Arena 2014 - Øvresetertjern


  • For Sale (The Night Hawk Collection)
  • Activities (bring your night swimming equip)
  • Restaurant Menu (bring your VISA and cash)
  • Arena Map (familiarize before coming)

Driving direction:

For Sale:

The Night Hawk Collection

  • Sweater (long sleeves) 400NOK
  • Speed o-shirt 300NOK
  • Basic o-shirt 200NOK
  • The Night Hawk Cap 100NOK
  • The Night Hawk Bottle 50NOK

Other stuff

  • Competition maps with all courses (Night + Day for Women and Men) 50NOK
  • Food Box (incl. 10 great items) 100NOK

The Jersey (long sleeves)

The Night Hawk Cap

Speed O-Shirt

Food Box


  • Swim across the lake to the last controls
  • Eat
  • Visit the NTNUI camp
  • Tur-Orientering
  • Barnepass
  • Stemplingsløype

Restaurant Menu


The Night Hawk Chicken Soup with curry and coconut milk

Served with rice




Grilled hamburger served with salad 70NOK

Grilled hot dog served with salad 40NOK

Grilled corn cob served with salad 30NOK

"Make your own Hamburger" concept: When you buy a hamburger your add the topping yourself. At the hamburger table you will find salad (incl. olives, sun-dried tomatoes), onion and dressings (blue cheese, BBQ, garlic etc).

Both days

  • Homemade cake 10
  • Chocolate 15
  • Lollipop 5
  • Waffles 20
  • Fruit 10
  • Fruit cup 20
  • Red Bull 20
  • Soda 25
  • Coffee/Tea 10

The Social Hamburger - served on Saturday ONLY! (on Friday we serve The Night Hawk Soup)

Arena Map:

Friday Night

Saturday Day