Info about the LIVE-services @ Night Hawk 12.-14.august 2016

We will do our best to provide everybody at home and on the arena with engaging and information during NightHawk 2016. NightHawk shall be Social and Prestigious, so the we will try to focus on a mix of the action of the world class runners of the top teams with the awesome atmosphere of hundreds of orienteering enthusiasts enjoying some of the worlds best terrain and courses in friendly combat with their peers.

NightHawk is a low-budget event with a laidback attitude. We do not have an expensive professional production and flashy big-screen at the arena. Also, the NightHawk concept of running 4 relays simultaneously with 2-4 runners per team in the forrest at the same time, makes it very hard to follow the results and the development, both for you as spectators, and also for the speaker team.

We now have managed to create a result service that we hope will work well enough to make the NightHawk experience come all the way to your living rooms.

-  Live results. notice that the different links provide you with a selection of focus choices, from individual leg times to temporary standings with auto generated sum of the runners from the same team. URL:

Live GPS tracking. Tracking from Loggator will be openly available throughout the relay. There will be live tracking from all legs in all relays with a varied selection of teams carrying tracking equipment. Runners of day-legs are free to follow the tracking from the night legs, but not to watch the tracking from day legs before they have finished their own leg.

Live stream of speaker sound. The speaker sound from the arena should be available directly in your browser provided that the internet coverage on the arena is on our side.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Stay up to date with the most recent news, comments and fun-facts on social media, and feel free to join in discussions and to upload you pictures and videos to share with all of us. #NightHawkRelay

Live video from forrest and arena. This is not a TV production, it is more a trial project or pilot test, but we hope to be able to give you a roughly edited broadcast with live images from the forrest, edited tracking (both live and replay), interviews, results etc... Much of the speaker comments will be related to the footage shown in this steaming broadcast, and the service is free and open for all to see, both at home and on your personal device on the arena.

Your contribution. In addition to joining us on Facebook and Instagram or sharing your thoughts on Twitter, we have opened a website to upload images and short movies from you and your friends that we can include in the Live broadcast. It can be a cheerleader stunt, a coach saying good luck to the team, or whatever you want to share with everybody in the live stream. URL:

Greetings and song requests. Feel free to send your song requests or greetings to us by email to