The perfect club trip

  • Training Camp or JWOC15-camp in Rauland
  • Run World Cup courses, and The Legendary LMT
  • Barbeque and celebration
  • Night Hawk Relay: Night legs (Friday) + Day legs (Saturday)
  • Day Hawk: Youth Relay (for 11 - 13y) on Saturday

Night Hawk is a night and day orienteering relay. But it is so much more!

  • Cheap plane-tickets to OSL, Torp or Rygge (Norwegian og Ryanair)
  • Live together in tent, cabins or hotel - FREE on the arena!
  • Practice orienteering and experience some of the most sexy terrains in Norway and Oslo
  • Rejoice before the relay - where everyone can run 2 legs (both day and night)
  • Celebrate the relay with a summer barbeque in Holmenkollen, or in a restaurant downtown.
  • Be a big-city tourist: Visit Holmenkollen, Frognerparken, downtown Oslo and the islands in Oslofjorden.

Option 1: Running the Relay

  • Time: Friday - Sunday
  • Cost: Travel + Entry + Food
  • No need for renal car (simply fly/boat/train to Oslo, stay in hostel in downtown (200NOK/night) or FREE on the arena. Take the subway (37min) directly to the arena).
  • Friday: Night legs
  • Saturday: Wake up on the arena for breakfast, or in accommodation downtown for a cafe-breakfast. Experience Night Hawk. Have a banquet in the evening.
  • Sunday: Run a o-race or be a tourist.

Option 2: Relay + Training Camp

  • Time: Tuesday - Sunday
  • Cost: Travel + Accommodation + Rental car + Entry + Food
  • Rent a car - experience the whole region!
  • You like muntains? We organize o-mountain-camp together with JWOC2015 in Rauland! (
  • Tuesday - Sunday: Join the official trainings, train as much as you like or be a big-city tourist, or travel to the mountains.
  • Friday & Saturday: Night Hawk Relay
  • Sunday: After celebrating your relay with the team and friends (downtown restaurant / shrimps on the docks / barbeque on arena) you can participate in a o-race or visit the fjords.

Night Hawk is super-social, and a perfect trip for the whole orienteering club. 

We invite clubs from AUS, CAN, POL, FIN, GER, ESP, FRA, SUI, SWE, CZE, ITA, GBR, US to Oslo! Imagine the possibilities!

Create your own package! Call: +47 48078230 or e-mail:

Gather the whole club and join Night Hawk Camp and Relay!

We suggest:

Arrive Wednesday evening.  Do 2 trainings Thursday. Do a short morning session before visiting the Oslofjord on friday.  Friday 20:00: arrive at the Arena and experience the sunset over Oslo City.

Interested? We will help you with everything from travel to Oslo, accomodation, trainings and touristy stuff!

Call: +47 48078230 or e-mail: