In 2016 Night Hawk is organized close to Oslo Centrum. You can take a bus to the arena and sleep for free in tents there. We will provide breakfast.
— The organizer
From Europe there are cheap plane and train tickets to Oslo! No reason not to experience orienteering in Norway.
— The organizer

Traveling to Oslo, Norway

  • Flight: Use to search for cheap flights to OSL, RYG or TRP.
  • Train: Use for train travel in Norway and in Sweden.
  • Boat: Boats to Oslo are available from Denmark and Kiel.

Hotell, tent or caravan

At Night Hawk you can stay for FREE at the arena or you can check into the Night Hawk Hotell.

  • Tent spots on the arena will be at the Svartputten lake next to the arena.
  • Tent spots are free but you have to bring your own tent.

Thon Hotell Linne is the official hotel for Night Hawk this year. This is also the same place as the venue for the banquet after the race on Saturday.

  • Hotell prices start at 299kr (32€) for a triple room with breakfast.
  • There will be buss transport from the Hotell to the arena
  • More info in the booking flyer found on Eventor.

For caravans and RVs we recommend checking the nearest camp ground for private booking. Visit Oslo is the best starting point.

30kr (3€): Take bus directly to the arena: 

Sample budget:

Night Hawk should be an affordable experience, and definitely worth it! Below are a sample budget for one person:

  • Travel to Oslo: Flight ticket
  • Airport buss to Storo: 90kr (9€)
  • Bus to the Arena at Linderudkollen: 30kr (3€)
  • Sleep for FREE on the arena!
  • Bus back to airport: 30 + 90kr = 120kr (12€)
Total approximately 240kr (24€) + plane tickets + food. 

PS: We serve breakfast (+50kr/5€) on the arena Saturday morning. Coffee is complementary! 

Welcome to experience orienteering in Norway!