Welcome to the Night Hawk Week!

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Asker SK and IL Tyrving welcomes you to the 2015 edition of Night Hawk.

You will experience the old and legendary Kjekstadmarka forest from Dikemark arena.

Race information:



  • Wednesday 18:00: training race at Dikemark

  • Friday:

    • 22:00: Start Night Hawk Girls
    • 22:00: Start Night Hawk Boys
    • 22:15: Start Night Hawk Women
    • 22:15: Start Patruljeløpet (www.patruljeløpet.no)
    • 22:30: Start Night Hawk Men
  • Saturday:

    • 10:30: Chasing start Girls + Boys
    • 12:00: Chasing start Women + Men
    • 12:20: Chasing start Patruljeløpet
    • 12:30: Award ceremony Girls + Boys
    • 15:40: Award ceremony Women + Men

Easy travel, affordable accommodation and a social & prestigious event - we want everyone to experience orienteering in Norwegian wood.

At Night Hawk the night legs is run on Friday and the day legs on Saturday - so you can celebrate with your club/friends on Saturday evening (and if you like, do an individual race on Sunday).

Thon Hotell Oslofjord located in Sandvika offers the official accommodation as well as the location of the banquet Saturday evening/night. Hotel prices from 299NOK/person incl. breakfast.

Features Night Hawk 2015:

  • An international orienteering relay in Norway
  • Night and day legs for women, men, youth,  military, companies and groups.
  • Run both night+day orienteering
  • NEW 2015: Youth teams also run night legs (2 night + 2 day)
  • 7 classes: Women, Men, Boys, Girls, Veteran Women, Veteran Men, and Patrol
  • Courses for all levels and ages.
  • Never experienced orienteering in Norway? This is a great opportunity!


  • Touch-Free punching with an EmiTag. No Si or Emit card - the future of orienteering is already here.
  • Awards for everyone.
  • Social arena. Meet new and old friends.
  • Great food. Breakfast served on the arena on Saturday 09:00
  • Online live results and FREE pictures of everyone who participate.
  • Social media coverage.
  • Join the movement. Become a X-Hawk ambassador.


  • Top quality trainings
  • Affordable accommodation in hotel where the banquet is
  • ...or sleep for FREE on the arena!


  • Banquet (food, dance and the fun run) at the Thon Hotel Oslofjord (rooms from 299NOK/pers)
  • Individual event on Sunday 16th August. Mass start event in a new terrain 15min west from Asker. See Drammensløpet.


Women (born in 1998 or earlier)

  1. Night - 35min - Forked
  2. Night - 35min - Forked
  3. Night - 60min - Forked
  4. Day - 35min - Unforked
  5. Day - 35min - Forked
  6. Day - 37min - Forked

Men (born in 1998 or earlier)

  1. Night - 45min - Forked
  2. Night - 45min - Forked
  3. Night - 45min - Forked
  4. Night - 80min - Forked
  5. Day - 60min - Unforked
  6. Day - 35min - Forked
  7. Day - 35min - Forked
  8. Day - 37min - Forked


3+ women or men participate together as a team, taking on the challenge together. 

  1. Night - 5km - 3+ runners participate together in the forest as a team
  2. Day - 10km - 3+ runners participate together in the forest as a team

Description of Teamwork/Patrol below...

Girls (born in 1999 or later)

  1. Night - 20min - Un-Forked
  2. Night - 20min - Un-Forked
  3. Day - 25min - Forked
  4. Day - 25min - Forked

Boys (born in 1999 or later)

  1. Night - 20min - Un-Forked
  2. Night - 20min - Un-Forked
  3. Day - 25min - Forked
  4. Day - 25min - Forked

All times are estimated best leg times.

Detailed lengths and running times will be available closer to the event.


Teamwork/Patrols is a mixed team event and the category is open for military teams, companies or groups who wants to experience and practice orienteering in a social and fun atmosphere.

The night legs together as a team. A team consist of 3 or more runners. Each runner gets his/her own map. The day legs are also run together as a team, and the day legs starts as a chasing start based on the times from the night.  

Our participants are amazing:

I can’t wait to get back to the lovely Oslo terrain next time. We even got more free sweets and some strawberries.
— Cat Taylor
This is the reason why I run orienteering
— Ivar Lundanes
Magisk nästan. Bland de roligaste ol-lopp jag löpt.
— Martin Hammarberg
The whole competition was a fantastic experience with a brilliant atmosphere. The arena was brilliantly constructed with a spectator control, run through, and the all important run-in bridge.
— Ralph Street
Night Hawk er et spennende konsept som ser ut til å ha etablert seg. Nivået er høyt og det er absolutt blitt en prestisjetung stafett å hevde seg i. Tipper dette kommer til å vokse de neste årene.
— Nydalen SK
Känns som denna stafett har stora möjligheter att bli en av de mest prestigefyllda stafetterna i orienteringsvärlden inom något år!
— Rickard Ohlson

Program Night Hawk Week: 11th - 16th August 2015

  • Tuesday - Friday: Camp & Trainings
  • Wednesday: Relay training. Mass start with forking. Organized with timing. Entry on site. Start 19:00.
  • Friday + Saturday: Night Hawk
  • Saturday: Banquet at Thon Hoten Oslofjord. (Also official accommodation with rooms from 299nok/pers, incl. breakfast).
  • Sunday: Mass start event in Drammen.

Night Hawk Categories:

  • Boys: 2 night + 2 day legs, 12-16y
  • Girls: 2 night + 2 day legs, 12-16y
  • Women: 3 night + 3 day legs, y17+ *
  • Men: 4 night + 4 day legs, y17+ *
  • Teamwork / Patrols: The Military and companies or groups participate as patrols with 3-5 runners per team/patrol. *

* Veterans: Night Hawk teams consisting of runners who are 35 years or older qualify as a veteran team. Veteran teams run Night Hawk and are also listen in an own result list.

* Teamwork / Patrol: The Patrol class is designed for groups, such as the military - running together as a team.

The Overview Map:

Imagine you are part of a gigantic mass start. Together with your club mates, friends and runners from across the world. Your fear of the dark vanishes when the race starts and the pack of runners sprints towards the forest.

Thousands of flickering headlamps set fire to the forest. The heroes of orienteering are conquering a spectacular Norwegian wood. It is dark and it is magic.


In Asker, 15min west of Oslo.

Legendary Alf Prøysen lived in Asker in his youth. Read more about Asker on Wikipedia.

Welcome to Night Hawk 14th - 16th August 2015

Night Hawk in the calendar:


Official Hotel is Thon Hotel Oslofjord, located in Sandvika. Pricrs from 299NOK/night incl. breacfast.

Thon Hotel Oslofjord is also the location of the banquet.

Visit: www.nighthawk.no/accommodation.

Sleeping in tents are FREE on the arena.


Premium trainings will be organized. The region has world class maps. Norwegian Championships 2014 was organized in Asker in 2014.

Mass start training event with forking organized Wednesday 12th August 19:00.

Visit: www.nighthawk.no/training.

The locations of Night Hawk 2013 - 2015. Welcome experience Norwegian wood! #nighthawkrelay

The locations of Night Hawk 2013 - 2015. Welcome experience Norwegian wood! #nighthawkrelay