Competition Instructions

Team lineup / Lagoppstilling

Deadline to submit the team lineup (lagoppstilling) is Wednesday 7th August 23:59 CET.  


On Vestmarksetra parking. Room for 250 cars. Do not drive alone, it is more fun and social driving to Night Hawk together.  

800m walking on big path to the arena on Nedre-Gupu

GoogleMaps / Gule Sider


See: The Romantic Arena, on Nedre-Gupu.  Map:  Gule Sider

Embargoed area

See the overview map 

Time Schedual

Friday 9th August:  

  • 20:00: Arena opens
  • 22:25: Women Start (NB: 15min walk to the start area)
  • 22:30: Men Start (NB: 15min walk to the start area)
  • 22:55: First finisher
  • 23:40: First Natthauketappen Finisher  
  • 01:00: The finish closes

Saturday 10th August:

  • 10:00: Arena opens
  • 11:00: Start of Day Hawk (youth relay for Prinsesser and Barnerumper)
  • 12:00: Chase start of Night Hawk (Both Women and Gentlemen)  
  • 12:30: Day Hawk winners finishes (both girls and boys)
  • 13:00: Mass-start for all teams (women 4th leg and men 5th leg) over 1 hour behind after the night legs. Also mass start for Day Hawk runners who has not started
  • 13:15: Prize giving ceremony for Day Hawk. Ice cream award for all(!) Day Hawk runners. 
  • 14:02: Night Hawk Women winners finishes
  • 14:59: Night Hawk Men winners finishes
  • 15:30: Prize giving ceremony Night Haw
  • 16:00: Mass start for all teams and all legs who has not started
  • 19:00: Banquet: Night Flash (buy tickets at the arena)

Terrain/Map Friday and Saturday

Vestmarka offers real forest orienteering in the heart of Bærum, Oslo. Vegetation is mainly spruce. 

The terrain differs between hillsides, flat areas with small heights and big marshes. Some roads and paths divides the terrain.

The terrain close to the TC is a gathering point for cross country (skiiing) tracks and has a lot of big paths. The rest of the terrain has only a few minor paths.

Information/Event office: On the arena both days

  • Friday: 20:00 - 01:30
  • Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00  

Classes and course lengths

    All courses are forked except except Men's 5th leg

    Night Hawk Women: 

    1. Night - 40 min - 4,8 km - 12 controls
    2. Night - 40 min - 4,8 km - 12 controls
    3. Night - 47 min - 5,7 km - 15 controls
    4. Day - 41 min - 5,3 km - 18 controls
    5. Day - 42 min - 5,3 km - 18 controls
    6. Day - 39 min - 5,3 km - 18 controls

    Night Hawk Men: 

    1. Night - 48 min - 7,4 km - 18 controls
    2. Night - 48 min - 7,4 km - 18 controls
    3. Night - 48 min - 7,4 km - 18 controls
    4. Night - 67 min - 10,3 km - 24 controls
    5. Day - 61 min - 9,8 km - 21 controls - Not forked (7,1 km/14 controls/44min to the spectator control/map change)
    6. Day - 40 min - 5,9 km - 19 controls
    7. Day - 40 min  - 5,9 km - 19 controls
    8. Day - 38 min - 5,9 km - 19 controls 

    Day Hawk Girls ( -16):

    1. Day - 30 min - 3,2 km - 10 controls
    2. Day - 30 min - 3,2 km - 10 controls
    3. Day - 30 min - 3,2 km - 10 controls

    Day Hawk Boys ( -16): 

    1. Day - 30 min - 3,9km - 11 controls
    2. Day - 30 min - 3,9km - 11 controls
    3. Day - 30 min - 3,9km - 11 controls

    Control descriptions

      There are control descriptions printed on the map.

      The control code will NOT be printed beside the control ring (like you are used to from Jukola). The reason is there is not enough space on the map. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and will make sure we have this feature in August 2014.  

      Team materials / Start number bibs

      Number bibs are handed out in the info tent. Collect them in good time before the start.

      Each runner must go through check-in to the start / change-over area. The runner will receive an EmiTag, and the start number will be scanned. 

      After finishing the race, the EmiTag is handed over to an organizer.

      Pins for the start number are available as self-service in the info-tent. Bring your own and save the environment!   

      Payment for foreign clubs

      Foreign clubs must pay with cash or credit card when collecting the team material / start number bibs. 

      Timing with EmiTag and Emit Touch Free

      All runners on all teams (both Day Hawk (Youth Relay) and Night Hawk will use EmiTags for timing. The organizer will provide all EmiTags. No private EmiTags are allowed!   

      EmiTags are NOT handed out together with the starting number.

      Picking up your EmiTag

      All runners must individually pick up their EmiTag. This has to be done both days (it is different EmiTag from Friday to Saturday

      Both Friday and Saturday: Each individual runners picks up the EmiTag on the west side of the arena (close to The House). You need your start number bib to collect the EmiTag (they have to be paired). 

      Check-In Procedure (takes 6-7 seconds): 

      1. The runner received the EmiTag when entering the start area
      2. The start number bib is scanned together with the EmiTag (to make sure you have the correct EmiTag) 

      Make sure you pick up your EmiTag in good advance before your start. Especially before the Friday mass start we need to avoid long lines/queue (!)

      The EmiTags are worn on the wrist/hand.  

      About punching with Touch Free and EmiTag

      Emit Touch Free controls are approved by the IOF. The system/controll automatically registers the control in the EmiTag when the runner are close to the control.

      When the control is registered in the EmiTag the light on the EmiTag blink sharply for 10 seconds. When the light on the EmiTag starts to blink you can continue to the next control.  

      It will be possible to test this on Demo-Controls on the arena. 

      Read these 2 Info-Presentations: ONE  and TWO  



      GPS-trackers are handed out in own GPS-tent. All teams selected for wearing a GPS-tracker must wear it. It is mandatory.

      GPS-trackers are handed out 20 minutes before your start.

      See info on Startlists & GPS-tracking


      Start and start procedure

      Start times


      • Women: 22:25
      • Men: 22:30


      • Youth relay: 11:00  
      • Women chase start: 12:00
      • Men chase start: 12:00

      Start procedure

      Friday - 1600m to the start area(!)

      It is 1600m from the arena to the start-area. Before you go to start you have to pick up your EmiTag at the arena!  

      Women go to start together at 21:50. Men go to start 21:55.  There is control of EmiTag and startnumber bib on the way to the start.  

      The start area Friday night is on a road. The start area will be divided into one area for each leg. Women will use 3 areas and men use 4 areas. There is 50m between each group.   Se conceptual image below.

      There are 6 persons on each row in each group. Women have aprox. 6 rows and men has aprox. 12 rows in each group.  Your startposition will be marked in the ground. 

      Listen to the start-speaker - follow directions!!

      Show Fair Play in the start and on the way to the 1st Control(!)  The road is narrow. The forest is big. Save your power&force for the forest!

      The start Friday night is on a road.  

      There are 6 persons on each row.  

      Each leg has their own start group and there is 50m between each group.  

      Show Fair Play in the start and on the way to the 1st Control(!)  


      Youth and Women/Men has start on the same place: on the road on the west side of the arena.  

      Youth start in a mass start like in a traditional relay.  

      Women and Men starts as a chasing start based on the results from the night legs. The runners will be called 7 min before their start time.

      The start times will be published on and on the arena.

      Water stations

      There are no refreshments or water stations in the forest. There will be vann og saft in the finish area. In the finish area there will also be some treats from our sponsors.

        Pictures, movies and #nighthawkrelay

          We hope everyone will take photos! Use hashtag #nighthawkrelay! Share on your Facebook or Twitter.

          The organizers will make move of the start and the relay, as well as take photos. All photos will be published on and

          Fair play

          Play Fair! Compete Fair! Have fun! 

          Maps will not be collected on Friday, and on Sturday they will be handed out sorted by team number after the best teams are out on the last leg.

          GPS-tracking is not allowed on the arena on Saturday before the maps are released.  

          Spectator Controls

          Friday: All legs pass through the arena on the road on the west side of the arena. Women 3rd leg and Men 4th leg have a longer loop after the passing of the arena.  

          Saturday: There is a spectator control in the forest on the east side of the arena. The control is just outside the arena where a small river crosses the path that goes out of the arena. 

          Men 5th leg is un-forked and has a special passing of the arena. The passing for men 5th leg is similar to the passing on the night except in the opposite direction. The passing on men 5th leg is done from north to south, running uphill through the arena.  


          Friday: The finish on Friday is similar to an individual race.

          After finishing the race on Friday, the EmiTag is handed over to an organizer. 


          The finishing in-going runners takes the map and delivers it to the out-going runners.

          On the last leg the finish is made by crossing the finish line. If a sprint duel there are 2 judges on the finish line.  

          After finishing the race on Saturday, the EmiTag is handed over to an organizer. 


          Results will be printed and shown on the arena.  

          There will be LIVE-results online during the competition, including from live-controls in the forest.  


          There are prizes for Top 15 in Night Hawk and Top 10 in Day Hawk.

          There are prizes for everyone. When finishing your leg you are awarded a treat from the sponsor.  

           In Day Hawk all participants are awarded Ice Cream on their Day Hawk prize giving ceremony.  

          Night Hawk will have a Strawberry ceremony together with the Night Hawk prize giving ceremony. This is to celebrate the first Night Hawk.

          Day Hawk prize giving ceremony: Saturday 13:15.

          Night Hawk prize giving ceremony: Saturday 15:30 (depending on when the 15th team finished the relay.  

          Det blir en åpen Tur-O løype for alle familier og andre som vil ha seg en finfin tur i skogen. Den er ca 2,5km lang og ingen forbredelser kreves. Kom til Berit i Tur-O teltet og få et kart og en tur!

          Småtroll: Stemplingsløype (punching course for kids)

          There will be a punching course. The course is meant for children but is fun for all. Find it in the forest on the east side of the arena!

          Barneparkering / Child care

          Det blir barneparkering i eget telt. Dag Hellan-Hansen leker med kidsa.

          Kiosk, food and sales

          There is a supernice kiosk. We have warm food (Chicken Soup on Friday and Tikka Masala on Saturday).  

          Ta med en 100-lapp og kos deg og dine på arenaen!  

          Club tents

          Possible on the south-east side of the arena (On "the other side of the lake")  

          Toilets and showers

          There are 12 toilets and 0 showers. Bring a towel and your own water.  

          First aid

          Yes. On the arena close to the Info Tent

          Late entries

          Possible online until 7th August 23:59

          Course director /technical delegate

          Event Director: Jørgen Holmboe / Lars-Erik Fiskum (+47 920 23 737)

          Course director: Jostein Nørbech (IL Tyrving)

          Course setter: Rolf M. Pedersen (Asker SK)  

          Technical delegate: Ivar Maalen-Johansen (AOOK)  (+47 958 87 777)

          General Info: Anders Tiltnes (+47 480 78 230)


          Contact info Night Hawk 2013

 / / #nighthawkrelay /

          We wish everyone a good fight and feeling in the forest!
          Enjoy the challenge in the night and the finish in the light