Wednesday 7th August:  

  • 23:59: Deadline to submit team lineup (do it in Eventor)

Thurday 8th August:  

Friday 9th August:  

  • 20:00: Arena opens
  • 22:25: Women Start (NB: 15min walk to the start area)
  • 22:30: Men Start (NB: 15min walk to the start area)
  • 22:55: First finisher
  • 23:40: First Natthauketappen Finisher  
  • 01:00: The finish closes

Saturday 10th August:

  • 10:00: Arena opens
  • 11:00: Start of Day Hawk (youth relay for Prinsesser and Barnerumper)
  • 12:00: Chase start of Night Hawk (Both Women and Gentlemen)  
  • 12:30: Day Hawk winners finishes (both girls and boys)
  • 13:00: Mass-start for all teams (women 4th leg and men 5th leg) over 1 hour behind after the night legs. Also mass start for Day Hawk runners who has not started
  • 13:15: Prize giving ceremony for Day Hawk. Ice cream award for all(!) Day Hawk runners. 
  • 14:02: Night Hawk Women winners finishes
  • 14:59: Night Hawk Men winners finishes
  • 15:30: Prize giving ceremony Night Hawk
  • 16:00: Mass start for all teams and all legs who has not started
  • 19:00: Banquet: Night Flash (buy tickets at the arena)