Program 2014

Before and after: Training camp

Friday 8th August: Night Legs

From 10:00: Training possibilities

20:00: Arena Opens

Before 21:50: Runners check in on the arena

22:20: Women mass start (1st, 2nd and 3rd leg)

22:30: Men mass start (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th leg)

23:02: First women to the finish

23:15: First Female Natthauk finisher

23:20: First man to the finish

23:50: First Male Natthauk finisher


Sleeping under the stars on the arena is possible, recommended and FREE

Saturday 9th August: Day Legs

09:00: Breakfast is served (+50NOK) on the arena

11:00: Start Day Hawk (youth born 2001-2003)

11:40: Finish of Day Hawk winning team

12:00: Chasing start Night Hawk, (4th leg women and 5th leg men)

12:40: Day Hawk Prizegiving

13:00: Mass-start for all teams (women 4th leg and men 5th leg) more than 1 hour behind after the night legs

13:58: Finish of Night Hawk Women winning team

15:14: Finish of Night Hawk Men winning team

15:29: Mass start all teams who has not started

15:30: Strawberry party - including cream (as requested by 2013-winning team SNO) and award ceremony 

16:01: Prize giving ceremony Night Hawk

-> 16:01 - 18:00: Welcoming of all teams to the finish


Barbeque on the arena or banquet (Night Flash tickets sold in the restaurant)

Skogsløpet Sunday 10.august

The day after Night Hawk you can run Skogsløpet - a mass start orienteering event with a new course-concept.


Visit: www.skogslø


Online entry open until 8th August 21:00.